Drone light shows for any event


Say “I Do” with a spectacular wedding drone light show to wow your guests.

Music Festivals

A drone show can help create an epic opening or finale to a concert or festival.

Annual Celebrations

Replace or add to fireworks with incredible drone shows that are better for the environment and allow much more creative freedom.

Theme Parks / Resorts

A nightly or weekly drone show can be an attraction at your theme park or an epic addition to a firework finale.

Product Launches

Reveal your new product or brand with drone light shows that can display millions of colours in the sky.

Family Celebrations

Add an extra special drone display in the sky for birthdays, bar mitzvahs and gender reveals.

Sporting Events

Reward fan loyalty with a massive team logo or slogan above the stadium or celebrate victories in style with a massive trophy made out of drones in the sky!


Display your sponsors’ logos and brand messages in the sky for all to see.