We are always on the lookout for ways to make drone light shows even better! The main method of increasing the wow factor of a show is to add more drones. However, this increases the cost and sometimes pushes it over budget for some of our smaller shows. We have been working very closely with our friends at Polestar Productions to develop a range of laser light display packages designed to supplement a drone show. These packages add another element to the drone display while being very cost-effective. We find that they fit perfectly into our 50 drone shows and add a massive impact at an affordable price. 

Supplements to a drone show such as lasers can also help elongate the show by creating a suspenseful opening or a middle section while still keeping the audience engaged. Packages can also be added to our stock shows to get the most impact for your spend.

Booking any supplements as part of your drone show means that we can engage the laser designers with our animators to ensure the creative goal of the show is met and the two complementary technologies combine to make the best possible show. It also saves one production management headache as all specs and riders are combined to make the whole process as easy as possible. 

Speak to our team now about adding lasers to your drone show.