• Can I fly a drone light show in the UK?

    We have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to perform drone light shows anywhere in the UK. The UK has very strict aviation safety requirements and we have a set of procedures in place which means we can safely conduct these swarm operations. We look after all the aviation safety requirements on your behalf.

    Check out the Drone Show Guide to see how we can help create a spectacle in the sky using drones!

  • Can you do indoor drone shows?

    Not at the moment - but it's certainly on the roadmap! Stay tuned or contact us and we will let you know when we are ready to wow audiences inside too!

  • Can you fly a drone show if it's windy?

    Yes! Obviously, there is a limit, but that limit is far greater than other drones on the market. We have invested heavily in a drone that can operate in quite heavy winds - up to 45km/h.

    We are well aware that UK weather can be very unpredictable and have very fair policies in place in case a show is cancelled due to high winds.

  • Can you fly a drone show in the rain?

    Believe it or not, yes! We have invested heavily in a UAS that can operate in up to 1.5mm per hour of rainfall as we are well aware that UK weather can be very unpredictable.

    Most other drone show companies cannot operate during any precipitation and we are very proud that our aircraft can!

  • Do you hire drones?

    Yes! We are always looking to develop mutually-beneficial relationships with other drone display companies. Please get in touch and we will arrange to grab a virtual coffee.

  • Can you do something like the London NYE drone show?

    Yes! That's what we do! We specialise in drone displays of all sizes.

    Get in touch and let's have a chat about your event.

  • How do I get in touch?

    Contact a member of the FlightShows team now by calling 020 3151 6891, emailing [email protected], using our contact page or checking out one of our social media profiles - @FlightShows.

  • Can I see what my show will look like before the event?

    Yes! FlightShows provide every customer with a full animation of their drone show prior to the event. This gives us the opportunity to make any changes and alterations required ensuring the perfect event for you. 

  • Who are FlightShows suitable for?

    Drone displays can be enjoyed by people of all ages - and even local animals will appreciate not hearing loud bangs like a traditional firework display!

  • What if the weather is bad?

    Our aircraft are built to fly in the UK climate!

    We have heavily invested in drones that can fly in winds of up to 45km/h and even in the rain. However, we do have strict weather limits that we can safely fly in but they are high enough that the audience will usually be put off by the weather before we are!

    We ensure contingency days are built into our planning and will discuss options in the case of adverse weather. 

  • Where can I have a FlightShow?

    We can fly Drone Light Shows anywhere in the world.

    The main thing needed to fly a show is a secure, fenced area. Similar to fireworks, we must create an exclusion zone away from people. Some examples of ideal locations are parks, stadiums and football pitches. We review potential sites free of charge.

  • What can FlightShows do for my business?

    FlightShows are a fantastic visual way of getting your brand out there. Whether its a product launch, party or marketing tool - having your logo or product in the sky in drones is one of the most effective ways to get your brand noticed!

  • How long does a FlightShow last?

    We have found that a 10-minute show is the sweet spot. We can extend or reduce this time as appropriate.

  • Can I use fireworks alongside a drone show?

    Yes!  We can work alongside other technical elements such as Fireworks, Lasers, Stage Lighting, Sound and Video. We use Timecode so that our performances are in perfect sync.

  • Can FlightShows provide full event services?

    The FlightShows team have over 20 years experience in live events - the crew have toured the world with some of the biggest arena shows. With all our experience and industry connections, we can provide full event production services including lighting, sound, video and fireworks to compliment your drone display.

  • How many drones do you have?

    We can provide anything from 20 to 500 drones depending on what is required for the animation. Factors such as available ground space also play a part in how many aircraft we can safely operate in an area.

  • How much does a FlightShow cost?

    The cost of a drone light display is mainly based on the number of drones required and number of nights flown. Our stock wedding show is £7,500 and bespoke drone shows start at £25,000. Please contact us for a quotation for your event.