The FlightShows team created quite a stir with a drone swarm test flight in the skies of Yorkshire. Residents of Oxenhope were able to see the display for miles around. The Telegraph & Argus reported the story as alien lights on the front page of the paper!

Argus & Telegraph report on drones as UFOS

However, they then went on to spill the beans on what actually happened:

“Well actually, it turns out that it wasn’t aliens after all.”

“We were trying to drum up a bit of excitement, having an alien spaceship hovering over a Yorkshire village.”

Telegraph & Argus –

Argus & Telegraph report on drones as UFOS

Eoin & George of FlightShows with their drones.

“Although they have done different drone test flights, George said: “It’s the first time we’ve done the alien test flight.”

“We’ll be doing shows across the UK, but we’ve chosen Oxenhope to do a test show on a farm in the middle of Yorkshire.”

“It’s just something a bit different.”

“They also have that wow appeal,” added George. “I think this is the start of big things.”

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