Our friends at UAVHub posed the question – are drones the future of bonfire night? Watch their video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

So bonfire season is now coming to close as we are fast approaching the festive season, but it’s worth taking a look at some of the things that happened within the bonfire night events. A Derbyshire venue chose to not use fireworks for bonfire night this year and instead staged a drone light display. Now, the venue decided to go for a family and pet-friendly option by having a drone light display, set to music, rather than using fireworks. The display was professionally delivered by a company called FlightShows being one of the few companies within the UK with authorisation from the CAA to perform swarm drone operations using LED drone light technology to create almost any pattern or shape in the sky. Now, FlightShows can stage displays with anything from 20 to 500 drones dependent on what’s required for the animation itself. But what if the weather is bad? Well, FlightShows say that their drones can handle up to 45 kilometres per hour of winds, that’s about 28 miles per hour of wind and can fly in light or medium rain, so should be suitable for most nights within the UK. Now, expect to see more drone shows around the country as more people recognise the potential for this type of show and this type of display using drones.

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