To keep up with the demand for our shows, we require more skilled animation freelancers familiar with Blender to create spectacular drone shows.

Your responsibilities:

  • Working closely with the client to realise their show design within the technical and safety limits of the drones.
  • Creating exciting, fresh and dynamic drone shows that you will then see in real life!

How it’s done:

  • Each drone should be represented as a sphere with a diameter of approximately 0.5 m
  • All drones in the animation should have the same naming convention – e.g. drone_0, drone_1, drone_2 etc.
  • The animation should have a starting and ending grid with all drones (spheres) placed at a distance of 3 m from one another
  • Drone lights are controlled from within Blender by changing the material diffuse colour of spheres

Full instructions, limitations and required plugins will be sent before beginning a project.

Please send a quick introduction below along with your showreel of relevant animations we will get in touch when we have a project that would suit.

Please tell us what makes you the perfect person to join our team. Please include details such as previous projects etc. Fell free to include links.
Please provide links to your work / a CV / a showreel etc.