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Have you ever considered a drone light show for your event, only to be deterred by misconceptions and concerns? You’re not alone. We often encounter hesitations from people who believe they can’t have a drone light show for various reasons. Let’s debunk some of these myths!

We will look at some common reasons people think that they can’t have a drone light show:

  1. I’m near an airport.
  2. The venue doesn’t allow drones.
  3. I’m near a prison.
  4. I can’t afford it.
  5. I’m concerned about weather conditions.
  6. I’m unsure about the legal requirements.

1. "I’m near an airport."

It’s a reasonable concern, as drones are typically prohibited near airports or in “No Fly Zones” without authorisation. Obtaining authorisation to fly drones near airports is possible though, with proper procedures, communication, and safety measures.

We have obtained permission to fly near active runways in the past by working closely together with other airspace users. For more information, check out our post “Can you fly drone shows near an airport?“. FlightShows can perform drone light shows in places that many thought was impossible!

Drone Light Show near London City Airport

2. "The venue doesn’t allow drones."

Many venues impose blanket bans on drones due to concerns about safety and disturbance. However, through open communication and clarification of our safety protocols, we often find common ground with venues. By addressing their concerns and showcasing our competence, we’ve successfully flown drone shows at venues that initially had reservations about drone usage.

For example, drones are not permitted to take off from English Heritage properties without permission. “Without permission” is the key here! We were able to fly 100 drones at Scarborough Castle and create a wonderful display right beside a listed monument!

Scarborough Lights Drone Light Show
Scarborough Lights Drone Light Show (Photo - Charlotte Graham)

3. "I’m near a prison."

Drones near prisons understandably raise security concerns. Once again, with proper authorisation, communication, and respect for airspace regulations, drone operations near sensitive areas like prisons can be conducted safely and legally.

4. "I can’t afford it."

While drone light shows involve an investment, there are ways to make them more accessible. Creative show designs mean fewer drones could be used to create the same impact and get the message across, greatly reducing the price. Sponsorship opportunities can significantly reduce costs or even make the show financially viable by placing a sponsor’s logo at the end of the show.

We’re committed to working with clients to find solutions that align with their budget and vision.

Tesco Logo in 100 drones

5. "I'm concerned about weather conditions."

Weather can indeed affect drone operations, but it’s not necessarily a barrier to hosting a drone light show. While adverse weather like strong winds or heavy rain can pose challenges, with proper planning and contingency measures in place, drone light shows can be successfully executed in various weather conditions. FlightShows have also invested in drones that can fly in quite extreme weather, further alleviating the risk of event cancellation.

Drone shows in all weather conditions

6. "I'm unsure about the legal requirements."

Navigating the legal landscape surrounding drone operations can seem daunting, leading some to believe that organising a drone light show is too complicated or risky. Reputable drone show providers are well-versed in aviation regulations and, at FlightShows, we take care of all necessary permissions, aviation regulations and communication required for a compliant and hassle-free event.

In conclusion, misconceptions shouldn’t deter you from considering a drone light show for your event. With our expertise, dedication to safety, and flexibility, we can overcome challenges and deliver a spectacular experience that exceeds your expectations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss how we can bring your vision to life with a breathtaking drone light show!

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