Drone Show Guide

The ultimate guide to Drone Light Shows from FlightShows

When booking a drone show there are lots of things to think about. Working through our short guide will help you decide just what you need for a drone show and how to take the next steps forward in developing a show. 

Where can I have a drone show?

We can fly Drone Light Shows anywhere in the world.

The main thing needed to fly a show is a secure, fenced area. Similar to fireworks, we must create an exclusion zone away from people. Some examples of ideal locations are parks, stadiums and football pitches. We review potential sites free of charge.

How many drones do I need?

The number of drones required for a show varies, but is usually less than you may imagine! The first step in working out the number of drones is to look at any key shapes or logos you may wish to create. From there we can work out a minimum number of drones. The second step usually comes down to budgets, available space and audience size.

During an initial meeting, we can work through a range of options to make sure your event is as spectacular as possible.

Here's an example of how our logo looks in a range of drone numbers.

FS Logo in 25 Drones
FS Logo in 25 Drones
FS Logo in 50 Drones
FS Logo in 50 Drones
FS Logo in 100 Drones
FS Logo in 100 Drones
FS Logo in 150 Drones
FS Logo in 150 Drones

How much time does a drone show take to plan?

The process of animating a display could anywhere from 2 days to several months, depending on the complexity of the show and the number of amendments required.

2 to 3 months is the ideal lead-time for a custom show as it allows time for creative meetings and revisions to ensure your drone show is as perfect as you imagine.

Each country requires giving notice to other aviators and the time on this varies from country to country

Can I have logos and words in my show?

Yes! Words and logos often make up a section of our shows. As a rule of thumb, each letter takes 10-15 drones. We can get creative and split long words or phrases into two or more scenes.

When looking at logos, you need to consider how intricate the shape may be, as more detailed shapes will need to be larger and use more drones. We can offer guidance on this and share our knowledge of what works best

What else do I need for a drone show?

There is more to a drone show than the drones. Usually a show is set to music, so a PA system capable of reproducing the soundtrack for your audience would be required. Other infrastructure such as power, fencing and security would need to be provided.

What if I'm near an airport or no fly zone?

No problem! Good communication is key – and we will handle all of this. We will work closely with airports or other restricted areas to notify them of our planned operation and stay in radio or telephone contact with Air Traffic Control if required. Read more here

How does the weather affect a drone show?

Our aircraft are built to fly in the UK climate!

We have heavily invested in drones that can fly in winds of up to 45km/h and even in the rain. However, we do have strict weather limits that we can safely fly in but they are high enough that the audience will usually be put off by the weather before we are!

We ensure contingency days are built into our planning and will discuss options in the case of adverse weather. 

How much does a drone light show cost?

The cost of a drone light display is mainly based on the number of drones required and number of nights flown. Our stock show wedding show is £7,500 and bespoke drone shows start at £25,000.

Can I have lasers or fireworks with a show?

Yes!  We can work alongside other technical elements such as Fireworks, Lasers, Stage Lighting, Sound and Video. We use Timecode so that our performances are in perfect sync.

How long is a drone light show?

We have found that a 10-minute show is the sweet spot. We can extend or reduce this time as appropriate.

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